MISSION:  Our mission is to provide a high standard of Information Services and Performance Improvement support to all of our customers so as to assist them in more effectively achieving their missions. 

Our vision is to provide accurate, timely, and pertinent information to all internal and external customers.

Our responsibilities include the following:

blueball.gif (965 bytes)    JCAHO and regulatory services survey/compliance coordination
blueball.gif (965 bytes)    Performance Improvement team support
blueball.gif (965 bytes)   Indicator development and analysis
blueball.gif (965 bytes)
    Facility strategic planning
blueball.gif (965 bytes)    Coordination of facility IT needs with DBHDD/IT staff
blueball.gif (965 bytes)    Website development and maintenance
blueball.gif (965 bytes)    Custom database development
blueball.gif (965 bytes)
    Provide facility data needs as requested
blueball.gif (965 bytes)    Health Information Management

Contact Information

Betsy Bradley, Director, Quality Management

Bev Farris, Data Manager

Joann Hamilton, Director, Health Information Management

 Phone: 478-445-4193  Fax:  478-445-0926

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