Opportunities for internships in Music Therapy are available at Central State Hospital (CSH).
The starting months for the internships are January and July.
Housing is available; meals and stipends are not provided.
Interns will have opportunities to receive training in such areas as aggression control, human rights, client confidentiality, safety, and first aid in addition to their music therapy clinical training/internship.
The hospital has some library resources (books, journals, periodicals, internet access) for reading and research.
Georgia College and State University, which has an excellent music therapy program, is only two miles from CSH and interns may consult and interact with professors and students.
Interns should be able to accompany their voice on two different instruments proficiently, transpose to different keys and improvise.
Interns should be able to lead and co-lead group sessions and be knowledgeable in designing goals and objectives for clients. 
Interns will be required to complete two case studies during their internship, as well as a special project.
Information about the hospital:
Central State Hospital (CSH) is a state-operated facility for individuals with mental illness and
         developmental disabilities.

The daily client population at the hospital averages about 850 and the hospital receives over 4,000
         admissions per year.

CSH employs around 2,300 full-time equivalent employees.
       The hospital operates three client care services:  Forensic Services and Developmental Disabilities Services.
Additional information about the hospital can be found by clicking on the various links on the hospital
         website (for example, "Services," "Departments," "About Us," etc.).
Each prospective intern should submit an application, two letters of recommendation and a current college transcript.  An application form can be found here.

Contact Information

Meredith Taylor, MT-BC
Central State Hospital
Powell Building
620 Broad St.
Milledgeville, GA 31062

Phone: (478) 445-4464
Fax: (478) 445-1119