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Using a USB Flash Drive for Data Storage Instructions


New User Novell Login Instructions

Groupwise Tips

Log-in Instructions
Create a Personal Address Book
Share an Address Book with another User
Create an Email Group
Add Confidentiality Statement to Emails
GroupWise Mail from Home Instructions
Using GroupWise Calendar


PM Tools Tips

SSN to Employee Id Conversion

Local Service Delivery Staff

Terri Askew: or 478-445-6851

Wesley Patterson:  or 478-445-7075


GroupWise Address Book Information

The address book in GroupWise is a great way to look up an employee's phone number or location, but this contact information needs to be kept up to date.  Please check your information in the address book.  If it is not correct, please complete the IMAC request form with your corrected/Revised information and submit to the Service Delivery Team at:        
CSH OIT Service

When you go into the address book and make changes yourself, you are only changing your personal address books.  In order for the changes to be seen by everyone in GroupWise, the changes need to be made by GTA to the Novell GroupWise Address Book.

New procedure for Installations, Moves, Adds and Changes (IMACs)

Authorized agency staff [Terri Askew or Wesley Patterson] will submit an order through OrderNow!, our online service catalog on the GETS Portal, if it involves only one person. In IMAC cases involving more than one person (including the relocation of a work unit or office), a Request for Solution will be submitted through OrderNow!.
Need more information? Contact your GTA Service Delivery Consultant below.

Computer and Telecom Request Form

Agency Name
E-mail Address
Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities DBHDD Kimmy Lundberg 404-463-0470 678-255-5945

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To help you plan ahead when considering your IT service needs, consider these estimated service delivery lead times. 

Create VPN or remote access userIDs 2-3 business days
Workstation break/fix 2-4 business days
Create mappings to workstation printers or file systems 3-5 business days
Install new workstation software after procurement 3-5 business days
Single workstation office move 3-5 business days
Office move (More than 9 workstations) 8-12 business days
Simple voice line moves/changes for up to 19 lines 7-10 business days
Simple telecom software changes (e.g. features/configuration) 5-10 business days
Sinple LAN port activiation 5 business days
Complex technoloiges (e.g. ISDN) up to 5 lines 17 business days
Hardware orders (e.g. routers, switches) 30-45 business days
Circuit or transport orders 25-45 business days