On December 14, 2006, the current voice mail system will be migrating to the new Unified Messaging system.  In order to continue receiving voice mail, all users must register, see below. 

 Registration for staff that have voice mail:

End users will be responsible for registration prior to the conversion at www.gavoicemail.com.  You will record your new greeting and set up your new voice mail box preferences at this time.  Remember that to continue receiving voice mail, you must register.

 End User online training and Quickstart Guide:

Due to the high volume of end users, we encourage all users to take the computer-based online training offered at www.gavoicemail.com to become familiar with the new features. Do not click on the "Classroom Training" option.  Click on the "On-line Training" option to learn more about the new voice mail system.

Very Important: Please do not change your current pass code until the conversion is completed.  If you do, you will be locked out of the new system.