The mission of the Safety and Environmental Health Department is to ensure the safety and security of all clients, visitors and staff at Central State Hospital by providing a safe environment in all client care areas and every workplace. This mission is accomplished by maintaining compliance with regulatory and accreditation agencies such as OSHA, USEPA, GA. EPD, state and federal public health, the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO), and the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA).

VISION: Through training and education, instill an optimum level of safety awareness throughout the CSH campus, making leadership and staff aware of their responsibilities in regards to accident prevention, incident reporting, and safety and environmental health programs.

ORGANIZATION: The Safety/Environmental Health Department operates under the direction of the Department of Legal and Special Services, and works in close association with Risk Management in the areas of client safety, incident reporting and investigation, and sentinel events.

In support of its mission, departmental responsibilities include:

  Safety Management
Rodney Archebelle
Regional Facilities Safety/Environmental Health Manager (Dept. Director)
Phone:  478-445-6413

  JCAHO Environment of Care Programs 
Safety Management
     Security Management
     Emergency Management
     Hazardous Materials and Wastes Management
     Life Safety Management
     Medical Equipment Management
     Utilities Management

  Environmental Health 
Environmental Health Specialist III
Phone: 478-445-4291
     Food Safety
     Air Quality
     Water Quality
     Land Management
     Hazardous Materials and Wastes Management

  Administrative Support
Vickie Wheeler
Program Assistant
Phone: 478-445-4291

  Sanitation Services
The Sanitation Section is responsible for the collection, transport, and disposal of solid waste generated by Central State Hospital and Georgia Department of Corrections facilities.

  Pest Control
The Pest Control Section is staffed by three Vector Control Specialists, who provide prevention and control services throughout the CSH campus.

The Recycling Section collects white paper, cardboard and aluminum cans from all areas of the hospital for pickup by the Georgia Building Authority.

Contact Information

Telephone:  478-445-4291