MISSION:  To provide effective and meaningful risk management, clinical record requests/releases, law enforcement/security, audio-visual support, communication/public relations activities and storage/retrieval of information to benefit our clients.

VISION:  To work with treatment and support staff, advocacy agencies and judicial and law enforcement officials to create an environment that is responsive to the needs of our clients and their families.

  Provides consultation to the CEO, Medical Staff and other treatment and support staff.
  Directs ongoing risk management activities at CSH.
  Ensures procedures are established for the timely reporting of serious incidents.
  Responds timely to all requests for records.
  Provides direction to the CSH Police Department.
  Provides oversight to the CSH Public Relations Office and the bi-monthly publication of The Bulletin.
  Provides direction to the Incident Analysis Team.
  Provides direction and ensures audio-visual needs of the hospital are met.
  Ensures the legal appropriateness and the ongoing legal status tracking of all CSH clients.
  Manages the CSH policy review system to ensure CSH Policies and Procedures are current.
  Operates the Document Storage Center.


Phone: 478-445-5396
Fax:  478-445-3128