Requisition Process

1)      Need to order an item for your department?
       Check with the warehouse to see if the items you need are in stock or on order.  Do this by
                       i.      referring to the inventory control system catalog; completing the CSH-315 General Warehouse Issue-Return Document (including the budget number) and going to the warehouse to pick up your order.
                      ii.      checking the warehouse list online or
                     iii.      call Shirley Simmons, Warehouse Manager at 6245 to see if the warehouse stocks the item needed.

   Check the list of state contracts available at to see if the items you need are available under contract.  You will need the contract number, and the NIGP number available at the state procurement website.  (Tip:  NIGPís ending with 00 will be rejected.  All NIGPís that are to be used end with a number other than 0.)

c.    Check mandatory sources to see if the items you need are available from the list of mandatory services.  You will need the Vendor ID number. DOAS has a Vendor Registration System website that can be searched for vendors in your area.  The listings include NIGP's Product Class Code and Item Codes.

d.   When none of the sources above have the items you need, then outside sources must be found.

2)      When receiving quotes, please make sure to obtain all quotes in writing.

3)      The requisition is an Excel document and available to save to your files. 

a.       When completing the top section of the requisition remember:
i.      PO#: Is completed by Finance
b.       When completing the middle section of the requisition remember:
                          i.      Account No: Ask each vendor for Central State Hospitalís account number.  Most vendors keep the account numbers organized by zip code, so itís easy to just tell them 31062 for them to look it up.
                         ii.      Statewide Contract#: From the statewide contract list
                         iii.      Tax ID#: From the W-9
                         iv.      Vendor#:  See list
c.       When completing the lower section of the requisition remember:
                          i.      Budget Code: Begins with 42710. . . . . . ask for your budget code information
                                                   ii.         Account: is a 6 digit number that doesnít end with three 000ís, i.e., 614003
                                                  iii.        Fund: is a 5 digit code
                                                   iv.       Fund Source: is a 2 digit code, i.e., 01
                                                    v.       Subprogram: is a 7 digit code
                                                   vi.      Class: is a 3 digit code
                                                  vii.      FY: is the fiscal year (doesnít matter whether you write 08 or 2008)
                                                 viii.      Project: a 2 digit code

      Have the vendor complete a W-9 if there isnít one on file and fax to 5217

Sample Requisitions:
  Soon: [Statewide Contract Sample, Warehouse Sample, Mandatory Sources Sample]

Policies pertaining to requisitions:  3.07, 3.07A, 3.11 and 3.11A