MISSION:  To provide a safe, functional and comfortable physical environment for the hospital's clients, staff and visitors through the maintenance and improvement of the hospital buildings, grounds and other physical facilities.

VISION:  To become the state's leading plant operations department through the use of cutting edge technology and hard work.

SCOPE OF SERVICES:  The department is responsible for all aspects of grounds and facility maintenance, construction, rehabilitation and renovation for over 100 hospital structures on more than 1750 acres, for maintenance of the hospital's fleet of vehicles and for certain client transportation services.  Specific functions and services include those listed below.

Business Administration

Business Administration processes approximately 2,500 purchase order requests for quotes, requests for proposals and construction contracts annually.  In addition, Business Administration maintains a warehouse operation with over 4,000 maintenance items required to maintain the facility.  This inventory is valued at over $380,000.

Construction Services

Construction Services provides planned and unplanned repairs and maintenance of building structures.  This section also completes planned renovation/rehabilitation projects for the facility.  Sub-sections under Construction Services are:

Carpentry Section - provides facility repairs involving sheetrock, masonry and wall repair; also responsible for the construction of cabinetry and door replacement/repair.
Painting Section - provides painting services for 16 direct care areas, 13 support areas and over 150 personal dwellings.
Civil Shop - provides maintenance and repairs for all underground piping systems; also maintains clearance for access to manholes and fire hydrants, facility-wide.

Project Management

Project Management provides oversight of both in-house and contracted facility construction.  Responsibilities of this section include but are not limited to the following:

Coordination of facility construction/renovation with client care, personnel, contract labor and Plant Operations.
Specifications writing.
Document review.

Maintenance Services

Maintenance Services provides general maintenance repairs and inspection for 16 client care areas and 13 support areas.  Sub-sections of Maintenance Services are:

Steam Plant - provides process steam used for comfort heating, hot water and cooking.
Shift Maintenance - provides 24-hour maintenance coverage for the facility.
Plumbing/Pipe Fitting Shop - provides maintenance and repairs to all underground steam system components and interior plumbing systems; also provides repairs and maintenance of the hospital's laundry equipment.

Motor Vehicle Services

Motor Vehicle Services includes vehicle maintenance and repair and a transportation section.   Sub-sections of Motor Vehicle Services are:

Garage - provides maintenance and repairs for 233 fleet vehicles and support of 29 emergency generators.
Transportation Section - provides transportation services for approximately 900 hospital clients.  Transportation services include but are not limited to:  client medical appointments, discharges and general transportation requests.

Technical Services

Technical Services includes the following sub-sections:  Heating, Ventilation, Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration (HVAC/R), Elevator Service/Repair, Electrical Services, Central Kitchen Maintenance and a Testing Section.  Technical Services is also responsible for maintenance and repair of the facility Fire Alarm Systems, CCTV System and Security Systems.

Groundskeeping Services

Groundskeeping provides facility-wide grounds maintenance for over 600 maintainable acres.  This section is  also responsible for providing floral services facility-wide for special events and general decorations.


Maintenance Director
Mark Simpson - 478-445-4162

Operations Support Manager
Donald Goggans - 478-445-4162


Contact Information

Telephone:  478-445-4162