Chief Nurse Executive

Kay Brooks

Nurse Executives

Developmental Disabilities Services - Dr. Julie Sanders, APRN-BC

Nurse Administrators Office:  478-445-4149

Modified Shared Governance
The utilization of Modified Shared Governance enables
nursing staff on the units in all areas of the hospital to have
input  into policies, procedures, and the decision-making process.

Council & Contact Person
Nursing Executive Council - Sarah Brooks
Practice Council Vacant

Performance Improvement Council - Vacant
Education Council - Gwendolyn Johnson, RN, MSN, CNS
Recruitment/Retention Council - Dianne Rogers, RN, MSN
DBHDD University Department  - Gwendolyn Johnson, RN, MSN, CNS
Occupational Health - Tara Walker, RN

Infection Control

Hospital-wide Nursing Administration
Day Nurse Administrator - Vacant
Evening Nurse Administrators - Rosello Tolentino, RN
Bernice Clemons, RN
Night Nursing Administrators - Diane Bonner, RN
Alma Ragland, RN

On-Demand Staffing Coordinator - Frank Moss
Nursing Agency & PRN Coordinator - H. Ann Braddy