The Central State Hospital Medical Staff is dedicated to the health and well being of the clients we serve and is committed to excellence in all of our care and all of our services.

The Central State Hospital Medical Staff is comprised of a highly trained and competent 41-member physician team with specialties in:

  Internal Medicine

  The Medical Staff also incorporates doctoral-level psychologists, clinical nurse specialists and nurse practitioners.

The Medical Staff:

  Provides comprehensive and integrated medical care services which span the life cycle and which are planned and carried out to meet the client's individual needs as indicated by habilitative needs, clinical severity, psychiatric issues, and medical co-morbidities.
  Provides therapeutic services built on a foundation of careful, in-depth, ongoing assessment and evaluation; comprehensive, interdisciplinary planning; aggressive, cutting-edge interventions; and commitment to a continuum of care designed to foster the client's highest level of independent functioning.  
  Serves as a center of excellence introducing and implementing new clinical guidelines and treatment algorithms.

  Is involved in performance improvement initiatives resulting in accomplishments such as:

  Becoming the first public mental health facility to implement PORT (Patient Outcome Research Team) guidelines.
  Dramatic reduction in the rate of seclusion and restraint.
  Decreased use of emergency-dose medications.
  Rate of pressure ulcers that is well below the state, regional, and national averages.
  Enhancement of the services provided to those clients who have been diagnosed as terminally ill and approaching the end of life.
  Dramatic increase in the number of clients treated with and benefiting from the use of  new generation anti-psychotics.
  Implementation of comprehensive performance indicators with which we compare ourselves to other hospitals/facilities on a local, statewide, and national level.