MISSION:  To provide outstanding customer service to the clients and staff of Central State Hospital by supplying punctual, cost effective, quality products and services.

VISION:  Make customer service our primary function

Procurement Services:

Strive to provide all materials, products, supplies and services required by our customers at the time and place needed, in the proper quantity and of the proper quality.
Seek to purchase products and services at the lowest possible cost while providing quality.
Conduct all procurement activities in a professional and ethical
manner.  (Requisition)
Contract development and administration.

General Warehouse:

Maintain adequate levels of supplies and materials on hand for use by our customers.
Manage a perpetual inventory system for supplies, materials and food.
Fill order requests and deliver to customers in a timely manner.
Shipping & Receiving.
Food Inventory Warehouse.

Central Property Control:

Inventory management of all “Non-Expendable Personal Property”.
Property Warehouse.
Wheelchair Repair Shop.

Contact Information

Materials Management
Vacant, Procurement & Services Manager
Telephone: 478-445-5434 

Schewonda Bundrage, Procurement Officer I
Telephone: 478-445-4187

Central Property Control
Fred Brown, Property & Suppy Supervisor
Telephone: 478-445-4077

General Warehouse
Valeria Waller, General Warehouse Manager
Telephone: 478-445-6245

Pamela Goggans, Administrative Coordinator
Telephone: 478-445-6236