Creating a Personal Address Book 

You can create, edit, and save any number of personal address books. You have full rights to add and delete names and address information for any person, company, or resource you want in your personal address books. When you create a personal address book, a tab is added to the main Address Book window.

 When you create multiple address books, you can include the same name and address in several books. If the entry is copied from an address book and you edit the entry's information in one book, it is updated in all books.

 Personal address books list addresses according to your preferences. For example, you can include Internet addresses or no address at all for the people you add to your personal address books. You can also create personal groups. If you save a list of people as a group, you only need to type the group name in the To box to send the entire group a message.


To create a personal address book:

 Open GroupWise

 Click the Address Book icon on the toolbar.

 Click File > New Book.

 Type a name for the new book > click OK.

 To copy names and addresses between Address Books:

 Click the Address Book icon on the toolbar.

 Click the Address Book tab.

 Click or Ctrl+click the name(s) that you want to copy.

 Click Edit > Copy To.

 Select the Address Book that you want to copy the names to > Click OK.