GroupWise Log-in Instructions



Novell Login

Logging in and setting passwords for first-time users.

 After restarting the computer, you should get the Novell Client Login Window.



Type in your Username—Example: twatkins (all lowercase, no spaces, no periods)

Type in Password—password (all lowercase) This default password is used just this one time until the you set your individual Novell password as instructed below.  Click OK.

 After you have successfully logged into the network, a prompt box will appear to change password, click YES button. In the next prompt box that appears, you will need to type in your own unique password—must be eight or more characters, all lowercase, no spaces. It can be a combination of alpha & numeric. Make sure to type in same password twice as instructed then click OK. If you make a mistake, you will be prompted that the passwords did not match and you will need to retype the passwords.

 The next prompt box will probably be “Set Windows Password” box. Click Cancel button, as it is not necessary to have a Windows password.

 After you have successfully accessed GroupWise and changed password, restart the computer and login to Novell and GroupWise using your new passwords.