MISSION:  The mission of the Financial Services Department of Central State Hospital is to assure that the fiscal resources necessary for the accomplishment of the Hospital’s mission, goals and objectives are obtained and utilized efficiently and appropriately as well as accounted for in accordance with rules, regulations, laws and generally accepted accounting principles.

  Recognize and serve the needs of our customers.

The services and functions of the Financial Services Department include but are not limited to those listed below.

Budget Services
Prepare the Annual Fiscal Budget.
Maintain Annual Operating Budget.
Monitor expenditures versus available budget.
Prepare budget revisions.

Cashier Services
Maintain an accounting of funds for the clients on campus.
Collect payments for ID badges, rent and utilities for campus houses and apartments, as well as medical services.
Provide cash funds to the clients on campus through the Building Cashiers in the direct care areas.
Act as payee for clients when family members are not available.

Auditing Services
Review clients’ accounts for accuracy and compliance with policies and procedures.
Review Financial Services Operations.
Review the accuracy of the warehouse inventories.

Contract Administration Services
Prepare contracts to obtain services from individuals, businesses and other agencies.
Prepare contracts to provide services to businesses and other agencies.
Bill businesses and agencies for services received from CSH.

Accounts Payable Services
Prepare payment packages for services provided by individuals and businesses.
Prepare payment package for travel.
Maintain the bookkeeping for trust fund accounts.
Prepare payroll checks for clients working at the Education and Work Activities Center (EWAC) and New Directions Industries (NDI).

Patient Billing Services
Obtain appropriate financial information from admission documents, the client, family, etc. to determine the client's Medicare, Medicaid and insurance coverage and his/her financial obligations for services received under the state's Patient Cost of Care Act.
Prepare and submit claims to Medicare, Medicaid, insurance companies and other responsible parties for client services provided by Central State Hospital, West Central Georgia Regional Hospital and Georgia Regional Hospital at Savannah, in accordance with applicable regulations, policies, procedures and guidelines. 
Track the status of claims submitted and follow up on claims denied or not paid within expected timeframes.
Monitor revenue collections by source (Medicare, Medicaid, insurance, client, etc.) and by hospital program, and provide revenue data and projections to hospital management.

Department's Normal Hours of Operation:
8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Monday through Friday excluding holidays

Contact Information

Coretta Harris, Financial Services Manager
Financial Services Department
Telephone: 478-445-5057

Darlene Handberry
Regional Billing Services Manager
Patient Billing Office

Telephone:   478-445-1748