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What is the function and the process of the HIM Department? (01/28/12 12:02PM)  This information can be found on the HIM page on this web site.
How do I put in a application? Were do I put in a application? (10/17/11 3:09 AM) When applying for positions within Central State Hospital: Only electronic applications submitted via e-mail are accepted. Send applications to: HR@centralstatehospital.org. Applications MUST indicate in the subject line the title and position number, unit and shift for which you are applying. Separate applications MUST be submitted for each vacancy for which you are applying. To view Central State Hospital Careers, visit us online at: www.centralstatehospital.org Deadline to submit applications for open positions -12:00 Noon every Thursday. A new job announcement will be available every Friday. --CSH website under Careers/Application Process
Can clients at CSH be reserved for community living arrangements? (7/17/11 4:41 PM)
Please visit the Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities (DBHDD) website and click the links to FY 2012 Provider Manual (Updated 6/16/2011) or Provider Recruitment and Application to become a Provider of Developmental Disabilities Services
why is it a lot of the questions that are sent in not being answered? (7/27/10 4:37 pm)
Repeat questions are not posted again nor are inappropriate questions or comments that do not ask a question.
Is it true that the Cook building will be privatized by the year 2012? Please be honest, enough has be kept in the darkness. If so how will it effect State employees? How and will we be able to pull our state time that is invested? Thank You (7/7/10 6:17 PM)
There are no plans to privatize the Cook Building at this time.  Currently, our goal is to make the Cook Building an exemplary model of forensic services.

lpn paygrade (1/4/09 01:31 PM)

How many acres of land does Central State use? (8/4/09  5:46 PM)
More than 1750 acres
Any truth that the Governer of Georgia will be closing down the state hospital in a couple of years? (3/25/09 2:23 PM)
Please look at the CEO updates on the CSH Website and review the Blueprint for a New Mental Health System for the latest information regarding this question.  --Marvin Bailey, CEO
There are retired state workers that have returned to work as "contract" workers. How does this work? Is there a limit on the number of hours they can work without interference with their retirement?  or are they allowed to work a full time schedule?   (2/11/09 9:01 AM)
Contract workers are used from time to time to meet critical needs of the hospital. These workers are employed by outside companies and thus the state retirement limits on hours for retirees do not apply. 
What insurance do you accept? (1/18/09 12:09 AM)
We accept all private commercial insurances, but we are a participating provider for only Georgia Blue Cross/ Blue Shield. You need to check with your insurance company beforehand to see if they will reimburse for state institutions or out-of-network providers.  NOTE: We do NOT accept Medicaid, PeachCare for Kids, or any of the Medicaid CMO's for our adult psychiatric and C&A units.  --Paulette Crooms, PS: Billings Spec (SP)
Do you have a nursing center for children now?  (10/8/2007 2:56 PM)  Child and Adolescent (C&A) Short-Term Mental Health Program
Museum (10/6/2007 9:29 PM)  What are the current CSH museum hours/days of operation?  By appointment only.  Please call Kari Brown at (478) 445-4878.
What is Mandt certification (8/29/07 7:05 PM) Go to The Mandt System web page to find out more. 
Can non employees rent the facility at Colony Pond? If so what is the procedure? (8/25/2007 11:00 AM)  Call Ms. Holt-Robinson at (478) 445-5380 for more information.
How many people do you serve at central state (8/24/07 12:49 PM)  As of 9/5/2007 the total of all clients is 787.
Is CSH considered a tertiary hospital? (8/23/2007 11:10 PM)  No, CSH is not considered a tertiary hospital.
How many clients are living on campus?  How many beds does the hospital have? (2/2/07) Forensic Services current total number of operating beds (beds normally set-up and staffed) is 168.  The Adult Mental health Program has 96 operating beds. The C&A Program operates 28 beds.  On June 30, 2006, the average daily client census of the facilities that currently comprise DDS was 502.
Who could I contact to see an issue of The Bulletin that is older than what is posted on the website?  Please contact Kari Brown.
I am interested to learn more about the gardening therapy program. I am a student at the university of Haifa in Israel and would like to do my thesis on gardening therapy and cooking therapy. so please contact me with the person who can provide me with more information on your gardening therapy program.  Contact Activity Therapy.
What is the recovery model?  The mental health Recovery Model is a treatment concept wherein a service environment is designed such that consumers have primary control over decisions about their own care. This is in contrast to most traditional models of service delivery, in which consumers are instructed what to do, or simply have things done for them with minimal, if any, consultation for their opinions. The Recovery Model is based on the concepts of strengths and empowerment, saying that if individuals with mental illnesses have greater control and choice in their treatment, they will be able to take increased control and initiative in their lives.
Where can I find out about volunteer opportunities or needs such as birthday/Christmas presents etc.? Find out more by visiting our Volunteer Services, Volunteers and Apparel Mart WebPages.
How do I find more information about Georgia government such as "are any of the state jobs are going to be cut and if any building. going to be close ." and "Is this state ran or privately? What is the cost?" by going to www.stateline.org and searching that site for more information.
How many people are employed by CSH? 2323 (As of 5/9/07)  Is CSH one of the largest employers in Milledgeville?  Yes.
What counties in the state do you serve?  To find a service near you, go to the DBHDD Service Locator page.
What happened to Channel 8 on the CSH TV station??? I thought it was suppose to be Ga. Public Broadcasting??  All channels are on at this time. We had some problems with high temperature in equipment, which effects the output of channels to the system. The channel line up has been changed, and will be posted when all new equipment is installed. 1/30/07