FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) for Employee Benefits
Last Modified: 02/16/2012

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If you were hired in September of 2008 do you still get a retirement in the Georgia retirement system? (1/29/09 4:13 AM)
If you were employed as a full time employee prior to 1/1/2009 you are covered under the retirement system known as the "new system". You van contact Human Resources regarding specifics. -- Marvin Bailey, CEO, Central State Hospital
During the last Weight loss contest, we saw the winners in the bulletin but we don't know what the prize was. All we saw were tote bags for each, but what was in this. As a participant, Even though I did not win I am still interested. I think it should have been mentioned. That is what keeps you motivated. Makes you want to participate next time.(1/22/09 4:52 PM)
'Token prizes' were awarded to the winning teams which contained miscellaneous items of a fun nature. (T-shirts, coffee mugs, water bottles, calendars, etc). We look forward to your continued participation in our future wellness events.
The ultimate reward for weight loss is, of course, the PERSONAL MOTIVATION  and PERSONAL SATISFACTION in setting and achieving YOUR goal: improving your current health (lowering your blood pressure, lowering your cholesterol, etc), losing more weight than your competition, and/or, ultimately, the beginning of a new and  permanent healthy lifestyle. The goal of the weight loss contest was to encourage individuals to take an interest in their own health, the health of their peers, and the health of their families.  All of these are considered the true prizes of such a contest. Since weight loss is a self-motivated and self-imposed challenge.--Lee Ann Molini, Nurse, Central State Hospital
The (HST) staff and the nursing staff get shift differential pay. Why is it that the shift supervisors do not? (1/2/09 1:22 AM)
When the recent changes were made regarding shift differential the focus was on pay grades below 9. That includes HST/FST/CNA, Housekeepers, etc...  Shift Supervisors are on paygrade 10. -- Marvin Bailey, CEO, Central State Hospital
Can a LPN work and go back to obtain their RN degree if so what are the guidelines @ CSH? (7/28/08 5:05 AM)
The Educational Assistance (EA) program  provides the opportunity for LPNs to return to school and earn their RN.  The criteria for selection for this program include, but are not limited to:  being a current CSH full time staff in 'good standing', 'METS' on  previous PMFs, acceptance into an accredited school of nursing, submission of an EA application, and approval from supervisors.   Participants in this program, as outlined in the Policy, are allowed to attend nursing school for a specified number of hours in lieu of their normal work responsibilities.  Please refer to CSH Policy 7.03, EA, and visit DBHDD University for an application and further information. -- Lee Ann Molini, Nurse, Central State Hospital
How to obtain information about the 401 k plan and How it Works? (7/17/08 12:13 PM)
The State of Georgia uses Peach State Reserves. You may visit: Peach State Reserves or call 866-694-2777.  
Click here for more information that is also on the Peach State Reserve website. -- Jeri Ford, HR Transaction Tech, Central State Hospital
I heard our state life insurance, vision insurance, dental insurance and legal insurance premiums were supposed to be going down. Who should I call to find out if that is true and how much?  (6/26/08 3:30 pm)
This is true.  This information was published in the Bulletin also.  Here's the contact info:  Office of Communications 404-651-7774;
Deborah Williams, SPA (404) 657-0373.  HR has received confirmation statements for the entire hospital with the new rates,  and they will start distributing those next week.  Click here for more details
Credit Union Loans? (6/20/08 7:37 am) 
For more information about CSH's Credit Union, email them at CSHCU1@windstream.net or call them at (478) 445-5347 and ask for Robyn Sheffield or Nancy Walton. 

The State Personnel Administration (SPA) has announced a mid-year rate reduction in the Flexible Benefits Program premiums.  The new rates are effective June 1, 2008 (for July coverage).  SPA will notify current participants of their mid-year premium reductions this May.  Those of you who participate will receive a letter outlining your individual savings based on your current enrollment selections, salary, and age.  Please note: these premium reductions are for Flexible Benefits only; your current Health Insurance premium will remain the same.

Hold overs are designed to be used as a last resort tool to meet staffing requirements. For further information you can visit the website link section for CSH policies regarding hold overs and weekend call-ins.
It's not fair for a Building to receive extra money for attendance. Because my building calls in all the time I'm being penalized from getting extra money.  (3/4/2008 2:40 PM)
The incentive bonus was based on the Covey information. Attendance was just a part of that information. The awards were based on the unit performance.
Where can a person look on the intranet to find the policies for how comp. time is earned, distributed and paid? Why is comp time not shown on the electronic pay stub as other times are shown. (1/20/2008 4:35 AM)
Please see DHR policy 1001 (Fair Labor Standards Act). If the FLSA/Comp leave is entered into the payroll system, it should show on the check stub.
How do I obtain my insurance cards? (1/10/2008 6:32 AM)  
He or she may call the insurance company and have them reissue him or her a new insurance card.  He or she could also visit the website of the insurance carrier, register, and print a temporary ID card.
Can Employee of the Hospital fish in the pond belonging to the hospital and if so how can they obtain access? (1/10/2008 6:48 AM)
I am interested in renting a dorm for long term use since I live so far and work extra hours. Who do I contact? (10/27/2007 11:22 PM)  Contact Terry McGee at 4128 for more information. 
What is the difference between classified and nonclassified jobs?   (10/17/2007 8:45 am)  See below.
What do I go under to get my pay check stubs   (9/28/2007 2:23 PM)  https://intranet.dhr.state.ga.us/DHRPortal/WebDAV/portal/html/self_service_insert.html
What is the difference between classified and unclassified employee (8/25/2007 12:48 PM)  'Classified service' means that employment status conferring rights of appeal, as set forth in Code Sections 45-20-8 and 45-20-9. 'Classified service' includes only those employees of state departments were in the classified service as of June 30, 1996, and who have remained in classified positions without a break in service since that date.  'Unclassified service' means employment at will.
How do I see my check stubs? (6/15/2007 3:28 AM)
Go to https://route88.state.ga.us.  Enter your employee id and password. Click on Employee Self Service on the left.  Under Employee Self Service, click on Payroll and Compensation Home.  In the middle of the page, click on the link that says View Paycheck.
If a housekeeper is interested in taking the class to become CNA licensed, how can he or she apply?  Would he or she use annual leave to attend class?  If an employee works in an area where the training would be of benefit to CSH consumers, and his/her supervisor writes a letter of justification and/or recommendation, the request for CNA training would be reviewed and considered. (5/7/07)
My question is, where can I find out the insurance premiums since I am new employee. By going to www2.state.ga.us or www.SPA.state.ga.us and searching that site for more information.
Can you take your regular weekend of using annual time? And is there a policy that you can take your weekend that you have to work off with your vacation? I need the vacation policy and have read the policies and I cannot find a policy about vacation time.  Click here for policies.  To get there using this website, click on Resources, Employee Only, inside DBHDD.  When the home page opens, click Employee Resources, then from the Employee Resources page, click Policies from the menu on the left.  Search for information concerning annual leave instead of vacation.
I forgot the answer to my password on checking my check stub.  Go to the Departments Menu, point to Administrative and then Human Resource Management, and near the bottom of the page, click on link named, "payroll page", to bring up the information you need.
How do I find more information about Georgia State Employees such as, "I did my open enrollment on line, did my health insurance go up, or am I charged for tobacco., "what happens to forfeited time if you retire with age", ".check and or edit my payroll direct deposit?", "My question is are there still dormitories for rent to employees of CSH. . . .", "are we going to get a better pay in 2007 and a better insurance than we have now . . . .", "explain unclassified vs. classified status" and "explain the difference between classified and unclassified status." by going to www2.state.ga.us or www.SPA.state.ga.us and searching that site for more information.
Where can I find the DBHDD and CSH employee hand/work book?  The DBHDD Employee Handbook