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on 3-11 in the craig building there is [12] 7-3 staff the holdover plus the [6] that is pulled back each day how can 7-3 be made to work short and 3-11 have more staff than they need some days 7-3 have 2-3 staff on each floor because of the pull back and 3-11 dont have as much to do as 7-3 the cnas was told that we was going to do the 3-11 regardless of our cituation at home so that tells the craig building don't care about the staff that works down there that's the reason the staff is leaving they are tired and burned out and they talk to the staff so nasty and harsh.  There are currently 11 vacancies on 3-11 shift. It is imperative that core coverage is provided in an effort to meet the Individuals' needs. Currently, it is accurate that there are six 7-3 staff scheduled daily to support the 3-11 shift. However, six holdovers does not remain each day. 7-3 schedule is assessed to ensure there is adequate staffing prior to assigning them to support 3-11 shift. During 7-3, there are scheduled appointments and scheduled programming needs. During these times, Craig's leaders have been informed to utilize the support staff to assist with coverage and/or appointments. Employees who had problems with childcare were provided an option of working with the Supervisor to determine their available schedule day. When 7-3 employees' shift was altered, this was to assist with decreasing hold overs and providing quality care to the Individuals.

Every staff is important and contributes to the organization. Each person should respect each other because we work as a Team.

Efforts are being made to fill the 11 vacant 3-11 positions. Once those positions are filled, there should be a gradual reduction in the use of 7-3. -- Janice Thomas, DDS Chief
I'm hearing there are plans to privatize Cook bldg and in fact the building has been purchased. Is that the case and if so, what will happen to the people who work currently work in Cook?  We are not aware of any plans to privatize Cook. -- Derrick Maldonado, Human Resources Manager
Who would I report it to if someone was being ridiculed and tormented by their co-workers? Some people may not defend the victim, but are offended by people making unprofessional comments about other staff members around them.  I would recommend that the first step would be for an employee to meet with his/her supervisor and leadership. This is behavior that could potentially violate the General Standards of Conduct.

Addressing it with the Leadership is the correct avenue first. -- Derrick Maldonado, Human Resources Manager
i have asked this question before and did not get an answer, there have been rumors of layoffs in housekeeping, is it true and when is it to happen?  As Dr. Latham indicated on his most recent news letter, currently, Central State Hospital and the Regional Coordinators are working with Private Providers to discharge the individuals from the DD program into their care. As we continue to do this, we believe the DD Program will at some point close.

It is anticipated that at the rate we are discharging individuals that the program will be closed sometime after June of 2012. We know that this may, at some point, impact our current structure and staffing as well.

Please know that if we are tasked to reduce our staffing that we will do it in a humane fashion that is in accordance with Policy and Procedure. -- Derrick Maldonado, Human Resources Manager
I cannot find a policy that states that c.n.a.s can be pulled back to work another shift . why is this allowed to happen in the craig bldg. The c.n.a.s are being pulled back to work anotber shift. It is not fair for 7-3 to work 3-11 and then 3-11 call in. Please tell us if there is a policy and where so we find it and who can we talk to about it. The policy regarding this situation is CSH policy number 1.30 according to: -- Derrick Maldonado, Human Resources Manager
Aren't Leads, Nurses,ect... trained in Safety Care,CPR, and First Aid just as well as a F.S.T's, C.N.A's. and H.S.T's? For some reason they feel asthough they dont have to provide the same care to the Indivisuals as the lower paid empoloyees do!!! LEADS only want to give orders, sit behind the desk, stay on phones, Never get detailed to other units,Never sit on levels...I understand sometimes but all the time,It never gives the other staff a break especially when short staffed(I thought thats what a leader does go above and beyond,,,Thay are getting paid for doing NOTHING!!!)Nurses dont ever like to relieve, they sit in the office or med room...They call you do do things that they could do on ther own...They can take a cleint to get labs,finger sticks,a cup of water or juice,ect.. small gestures will help out a lot!!!!!! (10/31/11 1:02pm)                                                                                                         If there is reason to believe that there are unfair practices occurring in our workplaces, please know that we have procedures in place to look into these matters. Please do report all potential violations of policy to Marcillena Juhan. -- Derrick Maldonado, Human Resources Manager
Why are there some nurses being discriminated against when it comes to promotions and education requests. CSH is back up to its old tricks again and no one will openly call a spade a spade. Its not fair. And they put prefer requirements in place so you cannot get promotions.But, other state facilities advertise for the same job and do not require these qualifications.I just want to know who is watching the hen house.I guest no one but the ones who is feeling the pain. (10/29/11 9:24am)                                          If there is reason to believe that there are unfair practices occurring in our workplaces, please know that we have procedures in place to look into these matters. Please do report all potential violations of policy to Marcillena Juhan. -- Derrick Maldonado, Human Resources Manager
Is it policy that when a RN is needed to give medications out in the Cook building that that RN must give medications out on her assigned floor. It is not fair to bump an LPN off of a cart so the RN can have that cart. LPN's and RN are both licensed to give medications they are both nurses. LPN's don't get to choose where they work. And most times that Lpn has already gotten every thing prepare to give the medications out or even started giving them out when they are sent to another floor to start over again. this is happening during the nurse's regular work hours. I know that if you are working over time you go where needed. (9/27/11 8:33pm)                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Thank you for bringing this concern to our attention. To answer your question, there is no policy or protocol that states “RN must give medications out on her assigned floor”. However, safety for our clients is always the priority, therefore if for some unforeseen reason, a RN has to be detailed to administer medication, the best practice and safest for the clients involved would be for him or her to administer the medication to the clients that he or she is most familiar with, especially since this performance task of medication administration is not performed by the RN on a daily basis. – Anita Joyner, RN Associate Nurse Executive
Are counseling services available under health insurance UHS to help employees who are going through personal trauma, depression, or anxiety?  Can an employee be linked to a psychologist, psychiatrist, or psychotherapist for conseling? If so, where does an employee go to get such help? (7/17/11 10:20 PM)
Employees can make a self referral to the EARP program where I have a list of available resources in the area that take United Healthcare and Cigna or as Jeri stated they can call the number on the back of their card for available services.  EARP number is 445-6710.  We no longer have the free sessions through Cameron and Associates. --Pamela Reese, MH/DD Service Director

Someone need to go and review the cook building cause its to much underhand stuff been doin the nurse managers there are they worst i ever seen they dont care bout the building they only care when it concern their jobs they let 7-3 shift get away with murder they can call-in,take days off when they wont to.changing they days and come in between 7:30-8:00 when they know they suppose to be in at 7:00 am and 11-7 staff is gettig heldover every time when they know they have a core of maybe 5-6 staff and they have 11 staff in all but lettin 5-6 staff off in the same day its so much more i wont to say or tellin what i seen  that central state wouldnt believe it but something need to be done and if i have to go to a higher person for it i will (7/12/11 09:02 AM)
Thank you for bringing these issues to our attention. We are very concerned and will certainly investigate further, however, it is difficult to investigate general allegations. If you can provide specific dates and instances we are more likely able to take corrective action. -Anita Mikita, Clinical Director

Is it true that the Chartroom Coordinators are going back under HIM? If so why? (1/5/11 10:32 AM)
A plan is being considered to transition chart room coordinators to the direct supervision of ISPE/HIM.  This will be implemented pending RHA approval.  The goal of this plan is "Enhanced Medical Records".
–Betsy Bradley, ISPE Director

When the Allen and Boland buildings close, will there be an opportunity for placement into other state positions or will we be let go like the former Powell staff? (8/27/10 01:26 PM)
Although I am unaware of any official time-lines, or even, if in-fact it will close, I will say without a shadow of a doubt, that we will always consider filling open positions with people that are currently on board.  --Derrick J. Maldonado, MSHR, HR Manager
Our new shifts are from :45 til the hour til :15 after the hour. Some staff are still coming in :00 after the hour :15 after the hour and :30, some later(supervisors are aware of this). It seems asthough some staff can get away with almost anything, when others are held accountable for one mistake. Who can I report this madness to,I can't report it in my building because these indivisuals are friends and/or relatives and my problem wont be solved. There are so many issues I could discuss, but dont have the time. Someone needs to review the Cook building and start over with all of it's upper level staff, and the lead workers are the worst i've seen in all my years at C.S.H.  (8/24/10 8:22 AM)
Administration is aware of the issue and plans have been in place to address the issue.  An accountability system will be in place beginning September 1st  and a statewide time keeping system (Kronos) will be in place in a couple of months. –Karen Bailey-Smith,
Statewide Forensics Director
What will the Cook building do and will you all tell staff in time to find other jobs?  (7/23/10 1:10 AM)
Although your question is not clear, it sounds as though you are referring to a possible closure of the Cook Building.   There are no current plans to close to the Cook Building.  Over the past year, we have worked hard to make significant improvements in the services at the Cook Building and we plan to continue on this investment.  The Cook Building is an integral and vital part of our forensic system.   –Karen Bailey-Smith, Statewide Forensics Director

There are policies at central state about dress codes. there are people that arent keeping these dress codes at central state. For example, if you are a supervisor and you expect your employees to dress a certain way the supervisor should also dress professional. you should not be wearing dresses so short that if you bend over you may see something that you dont want to see. a housekeeper should not be wearing sleeveless tops, they should be covered enough that the chemicals dont splash on their arms. i think we need to pay more attention to the way some people are dressing at central state. (7/9/10 10:43 PM) 
Personal Appearance During Work Hours
While the Department does not specify a Department-wide dress code, employees are expected to be clean and neat in appearance during work hours.  As representatives of the State, employees should present a business-like and professional image.  Dress code policies may be established by DBHDD organizational units.  In certain types of jobs, employees may be required to wear uniforms.
DBHDD organizational units may designate specific days as “casual days”.  Dress on casual days may be less formal, but should always be clean, neat and suitable for the work place.
If lettered or illustrated clothing is worn, it should not promote a particular political, moral, religious, personal or other opinion.  Clothing which is obscene, vulgar, offensive or inflammatory is prohibited.  Employees may be required to change inappropriate dress or instructed not to wear the same or similar clothing in the future.  Employees who do not comply with established dress code standards may be subject to disciplinary action, up to and including separation.
If we encounter someone that is in violation to the above information, please notify your supervisor or HR representative as appropriate.
--Derrick J. Maldonado, MSHR, HR Manager

Will we have any furlough days in July? (6/29/10 1:40 PM)
We do not have plans for any additional furlough days at this time.
--Derrick J. Maldonado, MSHR, HR Manager

Why are nurse managers  and nurses in the cook building supervising their spouses, children and other family member???  Why isn't the law being following? Is this against work ethics and state work laws? Note--Nursing supervisors work all over the building not just one side all the time!!! (6/23/10 5:52 AM)
Nurses, as with any employees, are not allowed to supervise family members.  All staff are asked to fill out a disclosure form about family members who work in the same location.  If someone knows about a family member supervising another family member in the Cook Building, they should report it to Cook Administration (Dr. Karen Bailey-Smith) and to HR. --Dr. Karen Bailey-Smith
In addition to Dr. Smith's comments, policy #1204, Employment status of relatives, says: relatives are not to be employed or placed in positions or situations in which a superior-subordinate relationship will exist between the relatives in circumstances including, but not limited to, the following:
- When there are fewer than two levels of management separating the relatives.
--Derrick J. Maldonado, MSHR, HR Manager

In the memo sent out on Dec. 28,2009 it states that all non clincal offices will close to achieve maxium savings on furlough days. Does that mean the police department will cose on those days as well?  (12/28/09  12:10 PM) 
Please see CEO Updates. 
--Marvin Bailey, CEO, Central State Hospital
why in the Boland Building the staff is very limited usually two staff per floor especially at night and if you have three or more staff  you are detailed.  It really need four staff to work the floors in a safe and professional way so you won't injured the clients or yourself. I know that in the Powell building they have more staff at night. (12/12/09 2:53 pm)
The staffing needs in the Powell  Building are significantly different from the Boland Building.  Powell serves Adult Mental Health clients who have significant psychiatric problems including psychosis, homicidal and suicidal thoughts and substance abuse problems.  These individuals tend to be very active and frequently do not sleep through the night.  The staffing needs there are much more intense compared to Boland where the individuals served tend to be older, non-ambulatory, more physically limited.  Although some individuals in Boland may not sleep through the night, they are not displaying acute psychiatric symptoms accompanied by explosive homicidal and/or suicidal behavior.  The individuals in Powell are there because they are dangerous to themselves or others.  Individuals in Boland do not display that type of dangerous behavior.
Staffing needs in Boland are evaluated on an ongoing basis.  Staffing numbers in Boland have actually remained constant even though the client census has continued to drop as a result of community transition efforts. --Joseph Coleman, DDS Chief
what number can i call to scheduled for the stop smoking classes.
There was no registration.  The program requires attendance at 4 classes but you must attend the classes in consecutive order.   The first class was last week.  If you missed the first class, the program does not allow you to attend the second class.   Oconee Regional Medical Center will be offering this class in January 2010. --Lee Ann Molini
Why in the boland building you have to bring in a doctor's excuse if you're out just one day?  (10/19/09 10:08 pm)
Employees may be required to provide satisfactory evidence for use of sick leave for a number of different reasons including:
  • use of more than 17 hours of sick leave in a 30 calendar day period
  • frequent use of sick leave in conjunction with holidays/off days
  • frequent use of sick leave when scheduled for undesirable shifts or assignments
  • use of sick leave for an absence for which annual leave had already been denied 
  • frequent use of sick leave to leave work early
  • repetitious use of less than 17 hours of sick leave in a 30 calendar day period
    --Joe Coleman, DDS Chief
I applied for a job within our department, i have worked at central state for 20 yrs. i was interviewed and still didnt get the job, i believe because my boss doesnt like me, this makes twice i have been interviewed for a job within our department and someone else was hired, why isnt something being done about this? (10/23/09 7:38 pm)
Please contact Myra Holloway at 478 445-2405 where your inquiry will remain confidential. --Myra Holloway, Human Resources
Why in the boland building you have to bring in a doctor's excuse if you're out just one day?  (10/19/09 10:08 pm)
A request for a doctor's excuse should be made in accordance with policy. Anyone who has worked under my supervision has been made aware of this fact. If at anytime an employee fells that a supervisor is giving incorrect information regarding time, my office is always  open to that employee. This issue is one that could have been very easily addressed by simply coming to me with this concern. --Sylvester Knowlton, Service Director - Boland
Exactly who should respond to a Code Blue?  I am aware that specialized personnel (doctors & nurses) should respond but what about other staff such as; HST, CNA, Administrative Staff, Housekeeping, Transcriptionist, etc..?  I was told that everyone should respond to a code blue. (10/7/09 01:29 PM)
All available direct care should report to a Code Blue. That's by policy and training.
Will the H1N1 vaccine be offered to CSH employees and retirees? (9/29/09 11:53 AM)
Yes, when the vaccine is available. The regular flu shot is available beginning October 1st and is free to employees and retirees. --Marvin Bailey, CEO
information on sick leave (9/8/09 12:09 pm)
Sick Leave:  Accrual for full-time employees is at the rate of 10 hours per month regardless of years of service. After 120 hours have been accrued, up to 24 sick leave hours per year may be transferred to personal leave.  More information in DHR Annual, Sick and Personal Leave policy.
why didn't the staffs at the c&a unit get a choice as to where they would like to work being that its suppose to close at so point and time. (9/2/09 12:54 AM)
When the closure of the unit was determined we made all efforts to continue employment of staff that worked in the C & A unit. Our options were to either have a reduction-in-force and terminate all the C & A staff or try to find opportunities within CSH to continue employment of the C & A employees. We worked extremely hard make sure each staff member had a job offer.
All  reassignments of staff from C & A were determined based on the needs of the hospital and the knowledge, skills and abilities of the staff. Staff in C & A always had the option to apply for positions that were open within the hospital if they were concerned with their reassignment. Each staff member had the opportunity to either accept or decline the reassignment offer. I appreciate their willingness to continue their employment at CSH and appreciate all the work that was done to identify those opportunities.
--Marvin Bailey, CEO
Why can't the police department go back to regular shift 10-6,6-2,and 2-10. the overlapping is unnecessary and to many people in one area. please help! (8/21/09 12:33 am)
The Patrol Officers and the Communications Officers Of the Central State Hospital (CSH) Police Department currently work 6:00 A.M. - 2:00 P.M, 2:00 P.M. - 10:00 P.M. and 10:00 P.M. - 6:00 A.M. schedules. The CSH Police Department assumed the responsibility of supervising the Forensic Security Officers on July 1, 2009. This is the schedule the officers worked when we became responsible for their supervision. We are currently evaluating the schedule the officers work as well as the number of officers necessary to handle the volume of pedestrian traffic at each of the 3 shift changes. The Forensic Security Officers schedules currently overlap 30 minutes to ensure there is enough officers presence at shift change to handle the critical security responsibilities of the Forensic Security Officers at shift change. The Forensic Security Officers have been advised of this evaluation process and I will notify them as soon as we complete the evaluation process. I expect to have enough information to meet with the Supervisors and Forensic Security Staff the first week in September to review the results of the evaluation. --Jimmy Walton, Police Chief
i work in the boland building and we have a staff member that call in every week or be late almost everyday but nothing is being done. how can this be changed (8/14/09 3:49 PM)
Employee time and attendance are monitored closely and supervisors work with individual employees to develop good work attendance habits.  Appropriate disciplinary actions (from leave without pay to termination) are taken when indicated.  For reasons of confidentiality and privacy, supervisors do not divulge the nature of disciplinary actions taken with an individual employee.  If you have specific concerns you would like to discuss, the Boland Service Director, Sylvester Knowlton, will be happy to meet with you. 
--Joseph Coleman, DDS Chief
Will all CSH employee have to be furlough and if so when? . . .(7/29/09 11:06 am)
At this point no decision has been made regarding DBHDD employees. --Marvin Bailey, CEO
I sent in a question about three weeks ago and have yet to get a response do you not answer all questions it was a job related question.  (7/27/09 9:26 am)
Please check all the FAQ pages for replies. (See the new links above.) All questions are submitted to the appropriate representatives to respond.  If a response is not submitted there is not one posted.  There are too many questions submitted to be able to find which question you submitted "about three weeks ago".  If you'd like, you may resubmit it. 
How come there is not no white lead workers at c.s.h and how come you don't see that many white people at c.s.h. (7/12/09 12:40 AM)
As of July 2, 2009, the staff at Central State Hospital is composed of 81% black, 17% white, 1% Asian and 1% other. 
Of the PS: Beh Health/Counselors' on staff at Central State Hospital, 66% are team leaders - of those: 59% black, 37% white, 2% multirace and 2% Hispanic.