FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) for Clients

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I know I had family connections at CSH many years ago and would like to know if there is a way I can find when they were admitted and released. . . . See genealogy.htm
Are patients who have been declared criminally insane housed at Central St. Hosp.? (9/16/09 657 pm)
Individuals who have been adjudicated as Not Guilty by Reason of Insanity are treated in the Forensic Unit at CSH.
I havw a very mentally disturbed teenager cant get help for her. (4/23/09 03:49 PM)
Please contact Behavioral Health.
Do you accept pregnant women between 36 and 40 weeks? (1/18/09 12:08 AM)
We can review the case and if there are no overriding concerns regarding her pregnancy and she requires psychiatric hospitalization, she would be accepted. --Scott Van Sant, MG2: Health Care
How can I find out about a relative that was here almost 40 years ago. (6/22/08 10:15 pm)
See genealogy.htm
HOW DOES AN ADDICT WHO IS MENTALLY IMPAIRED APPLY FOR MEDICAID?  (09-11-2007  07:18 AM)  To apply for Medicaid, you must submit a completed application at any local DFCS office, by mail, telephone, fax, e-mail, or at designated agencies.  Go to the DFCS site for more information.
How is voluntary/involuntary commitment paid for? (11/5/2007 10:29 AM)  Each person is responsible for his or her own hospital bill.  Clients will typically have private insurance, Medicare or Medicaid to help with costs.
How much does it cost to be in the hospital and who pays? (10/15/2007 11:57 AM)  According to the Georgia Hospital Association, Georgia's hospitals charge anywhere from $940 to $2,881 per day for psychiatric diagnoses (from social problems to mental retardation) and depending upon length of stay.  Each person is responsible for his or her own hospital bills.  Clients will typically have private insurance, Medicare or Medicaid to help with costs.
Do you have a nursing center for children now?  (10/8/2007 2:56 PM)  Child and Adolescent (C&A) Short-Term Mental Health Program
What are the hours for admittance? (9/21/07 6:14 PM)  24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
How many people do you serve at central state (8/24/07 12:49 PM)  As of 9/5/2007 the total of all clients is 787.
Can I obtain a copy of my sons psychological evaluation while he was admitted in your facility? (6/14/2007 4:46 PM) 
Hospital records are only released upon written authorization of the client/legal guardian or court order.
Do you have a place for an alcoholic that continues to relapse and has memory loss and possible brain damage? (6/10/2007 4:42 PM)
The primary mission of the acute units and CSH is the stabilization of psychiatric illness.  We do serve persons with substance abuse problems when in acute crisis, but the focus of this treatment is short-term stabilization not long-term rehabilitation.  There are many resources in the community including the Community Service Board, residential substance abuse rehabilitation programs, and substance abuse support groups.  For local phone numbers see our community links page.
Can someone other than family write a letter to the patient? (5/28/2007 11:43 PM)  Yes.
How many clients are living on campus?  How many beds does the hospital have? (2/2/07) Forensic Services current total number of operating beds (beds normally set-up and staffed) is 168.  The Adult Mental health Program has 96 operating beds. The C&A Program operates 28 beds.  On June 30, 2006, the average daily client census of the facilities that currently comprise DDS was 502.
What type treatment do you have for patients with manic depression or bipolar disorder?  Central State Hospital is an inpatient facility. Each patient is assessed by a physician for appropriateness of admission and treatment modalities.
If some one passed away approximately 55 years ago at Central State Hospital, could a child request medical records?  Yes.  They would have to obtain a court order in which on any deceased client, records can be obtained with a court order.  We refer them to the Probate court here in Baldwin County being there is no charge for this order.  Also see genealogy.htm
What counties in the state do you serve?  To find a service near you, go to the DBHDD Service Locator page.