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do you have to have an appointment to visit the grounds and building and to take pictures inside and out? (7/31/12  3:14pm)

Yes. To schedule an appointment for a tour of the campus or CSH museum, please contact Kari Brown, Public Relations Director at KariBrown@dbhdd.ga.gov or call 478-445-4878.

With permission from Ms. Brown, pictures are allowed to be taken from the sidewalks but access inside of the buildings is strictly prohibited. -- Kari Brown, Institution Communication Director

Do you have any guided tours through the old abanonded hospitals on the campus? (10/28/11 9:20pm)                                                       No. Access to the vacated buildings on the Central State Hospital campus is strictly prohibited. Violators are subject to prosecution. We do, however, offer a guided driving tour of the campus and a tour of the CSH museum. If interested in one of these opportunities please e-mail Kari Brown at KariBrown@dbhdd.ga.gov. -- Kari Brown, Institution Communication Director
what is the address for the allen building (6/9/11 5:34 PM)
Allen Building West - 171 Allen Road, Milledgeville, GA 31062
Allen Building East - 2125 Vinson Highway, Milledgeville, GA 31062
Can the red light intersection be converted to a 4 way stop? (like it was when the red light was not functioning). There is a lot of wasted time sitting at the red light when no one else is around. (5/22/09 1:15 PM)
The red light at the intersection of Broad Street and Yarbrough Road stays red for 30 seconds for traffic on broad street. The red light stays red for 45 seconds for traffic on Yarbrough Road and Swint Avenue. Their is also a 15 second green light for traffic to turn left from Broad Street onto Swint Avenue, the 15 seconds are included in the 45 seconds that traffic is stopped for the red light on Yarbrough Road and Swint Avenue. During peak traffic time on Broad Street,  the 4 way stop sign would not allow traffic to flow quickly and safely through the intersection.
  --Jimmy Walton, Police Chief
Can Employee of the Hospital fish in the pond belonging to the hospital and if so how can they obtain access? (1/10/2008 6:48 AM)
How do I contact the chaplains of CSH; I can't seem to find them under any title? (12/6/2007 9:05 PM)  Chaplain Services may be obtained by contacting the following Chaplains: Omer Reid, 451-3982 (pager); Curtis Scott, 451-2235 (pager); Jon Scott, 451-2231 (pager).
How can I find out more about renting the Pavilion?  Contact the CSH Housing Department at 445-5380
Museum (10/6/2007 9:29 PM)  What are the current CSH museum hours/days of operation?  By appointment only.  Please call Kari Brown at (478) 445-4878.
Can non employees rent the facility at Colony Pond? If so what is the procedure? (8/25/2007 11:00 AM)  Call Ms. Holt-Robinson at (478) 445-5380 for more information.
Which of the buildings at CSH are now abandoned?  Of the many buildings on CSH campus, six are currently being used for client care, other state agencies are using several former CSH buildings and others are condemned.  For more information on the history of CSH, check out the publication But For The Grace of God.