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Forensic Services Program:  Psychiatric evaluation and treatment in secure and maximum secure units for clients referred from various components of the state's criminal justice and corrections systems. Individuals served include: those who are committed to CSH by the criminal justice system from throughout the state for pre-trial psychiatric evaluation and/or inpatient treatment; those who have been found not guilty by reason of insanity (NGRI) at the time of commission of a crime or mentally incompetent to stand trial (IST); those who are admitted with hold orders from jails for psychiatric evaluation, treatment and stabilization; and those who are referred from Georgia Department of Corrections prisons for inpatient psychiatric treatment. Court-ordered pre-trial evaluations are also conducted on an outpatient basis in jails. For more information about CSH’s Forensic Services, click here.

Nursing Home Services Program:  Skilled and intermediate nursing home care for clients with significant medical and nursing needs in addition to mental illness or developmental disabilities. Admissions to the program must meet the Georgia legal requirements for admission to CSH in addition to the criteria for skilled or intermediate nursing care.
For more information about CSH’s Nursing Home Services, click here.

Community Residential Program:  Staffed residential homes and supports in the community for individuals with mental illness, developed and operated by CSH's Central Care Community Services. The homes provide cost-effective alternatives to institutionalization and opportunities for the individuals served to develop and realize new levels of independence, responsibility and community involvement. The homes also expand the available options for individuals and their families and enhance the efforts of Central State Hospital and the state of Georgia to comply with the Olmstead-U.S. Supreme Court decision. The Community Residential Program currently operates seven (7) homes with the capacity of serving 34 individuals.
For more information about CSH’s Central Care Community Services, click here.

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