MISSION:  To increase the opportunities for community living for individuals with mental illness.

  A high quality of life in the community for each individual served, through the provision of the services and supports that meet the individual's needs and preferences (to the extent possible).


Expand the opportunities for self-determination and community integration for individuals.
Provide cost-effective alternatives to institutionalization.
Expand the capacity for serving individuals in the community.
Improve community residential services and supports.
Enhance the efforts of Central State Hospital and the state of Georgia to comply with the Olmstead-U.S. Supreme Court decision.
Provide staffed residential homes in the community.
Increase the number of individuals placed in the community.

Central Care Community Services is an organizational unit of Central State Hospital.  It began operations in August 2002 with the opening of a home that served clients with developmental disabilities.  In June 2012, operation of all of the homes for clients with developmental disabilities was turned over to a private company.   Central Care’s first home for clients with mental illness opened in November 2005.  Central Care currently operates seven (7) homes with a capacity for serving 34 individuals with mental illness.  The homes are approved and inspected/monitored by the Healthcare Facility Regulation Division (HFRD) of the Georgia Department of Community Health (DCH). They provide cost-effective alternatives to institutionalization and opportunities for the individuals served to develop and realize new levels of independence, responsibility and community involvement.  The individuals served participate in homemaking chores, grocery shopping, training to develop/improve skills for daily living, socialization and employment, and recreational and leisure activities. They also access other services, supports and resources available in the community.

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