CCCH Posted
Table of Contents 8/3/09
I. Program Description
1.01 a.  Program Description for DD Consumers
1.01a 1.  Baldwin Association for Persons with Developmental Disabilities, Inc 8/25/09
1.02 b.  Program Description for Community Integration
1.03 c.  Program Description for Mental Health
1.04 d.  Community Home Rules
1.05 e.  Admission Criteria
1.05a 1.  Admission Agreement Page 1
1.05b 2.  Admission Agreement Page 2
1.06 f.   Immediate Transfer of Consumer from Central Care
1.07 g.  Discharge or Transfer of a Consumer
1.08 h.  Management of Consumer Funds
1.08a 1.  Mgmt of Consumer Funds Procedure
1.08b 2.  Cash in Home Form
1.08c 3.  Request for Consumer Funds
1.08d 4.  Cash in Home Daily Cash Balance Report
1.09 i.  DHR Policy 6001.601 Personal Needs Spending
1.10 j.  Disposition of Conserved Funds for Consumers Who are No Longer Under Central Care
1.10a 1.  Refund Policy
1.11 k.  Consumers Committing Act Inconsistent with Home Rules
1.12 l.   Training (of staff)
1.12a 1.  Medical Emergency Competency
1.13 m.  Policy 2.00 Competency Assessment
1.14 n.  Non-Compliance with Policies
1.15 o.  Comprehensive General Liability Insurance
1.16 Core Staffing


II. Physical Health/Death
2.01 a.  Medical Care for Emergency
2.02 b.  Suicide Precautions
2.02a c.  Suicide Precautions - Procedure
2.03 d.  Behavior Support Plan Process
2.04 e.  Plan of Care:  Behavioral Health
2.05 f.   ISP for DD Consumers
2.06 g.  Supervision of Self-Administration of Medications
2.06a 1.  Look Alike Sound Alike Medications
2.07 h. Assisting With Self-Administration of Oral Medication
2.07a 1.  How to Use Eye Drops
2.07b 2.  How to Use Ear Drops
2.07c 3.  How to Use a Nebulizer
2.07d 4.  Mediation Profile Record Documentation Guidelines
2.07e 5.  Medication Error/Discrepancy Report
2.07f 6.  Competency Checklist for Self-Administration
2.07g 7.  Administration of Insulin
2.07h 8.  Insulin Shock - Diabetic Coma
2.08 i.  Plan of Care:  Physical Health
2.09 j.  Acute and Chronic Medial Issues as They Relate to Consumer Programming
2.10 k.  Nutrition and Food Safety
2.11 l.   OTC Meds Policy
2.12 m.  Pain Screening Policy
2.13 n.  Symptoms of Illness Policy
2.14 Change of Status
2.14a 1.  Protocol - Change of Status
III. Records System
3.01 a.  Consumer Record System
3.02 b.  Consumer Files - Record format
3.03 c.  Confidentiality and Release of Consumer Record Information
3.04 d.  Unacceptable Abbreviations
IV. Investigation Rights/Complaints
4.01 a.  Consumer Rights and Responsibilities
4.01a 1.  Residents' Rights
4.01b 2.  Reporting Abuse in LTC
4.02 b.  Investigation of Consumer Rights
4.03 c.  Change in Consumer Condition
V. Report/Accidents and Incidents
5.01 a. Reporting Consumer Accidents and Incidents
5.01a 1.  Accident & Incident Report
5.02 b. Reporting of Serious and Unusual Incidents in Central Care
5.03 c.  Policy 6001.101 Reporting Consumer Deaths and Critical Incidents
5.03a 1.  Policy 6001.101 Critical Incidents Definition & Reporting
5.03b 2.  Policy 6001.101 Attachment B - CIR Report Form
5.03b.1 3.  Policy 6001.101 Attachment B1 - CIR form supplemental
5.03c 4.  Policy 6001.101 Attachment C - Reporting to Other Agencies
5.04 d.  Policy 6001.201 Investigating Consumer Deaths & Critical Incidents
5.04a 1.  Policy 6001.201  Attachment A - Definitions & Investigative
5.04b 2.  Policy 6001.201 Attachment B - Investigative Report Format
5.04b.1 3.  Policy 6001.201 Attachment B1 - Investigative Report
5.04.c 4.  Policy 6001.201 Attachment C - Med Hosp Follow-up Report
5.04.d 5.  Policy 6001.201 Attachment D - Consumer Injury requiring Tx Beyond 1st Aid
5.04.e 6.  Policy 6001.201 Attachment E - Administrative Review Form
5.04.f 7.  Policy 6001.201 Attachment F - Request for Extension
5.04.g 8.  Policy 6001.201 Attachment G - Corrective Action Plan
VI. Performance Improvement
6.01 a.  Continuous Quality Improvement and Quality Assurance Management
6.02 b.  Performance Improvement
6.03 c.  CSH Plan 8.20 - Performance Improvement
6.03a d.  CSH Plan 8.10A - Focus PDCA
6.04 e.  CSH Plan 8.16 - Risk Management
6.05 f.  Preventive Maintenance of Homes
6.05a g.  Maintenance Request
6.05b h.  Safety & Environmental Checklist
VII. Emergency Plans
7.01 a.  Emergency Preparedness Plan
7.02 b.  Policy 6001-401 Emergency Preparedness & Disaster Response
7.03 c.  Inspections of Fire Extinguishers and Smoke Detectors
7.04 d.  Protocols in Emergency Situations (Mechanical Breakdowns, Staff Shortages)
7.05 e.  Fire Safety
7.05a 1.  Fire Safety Competency Reporting Form
7.05b 2.  Fire Safety Competency Master Schedule
7.06 f.  Fire Evacuation
7.07 g. Emergency Relocation
7.08 h. Emergency Protocol Due to Natural Phenomena
  7.09 i.  Disaster Drill Observer Checklist - Tornado  
7.10 j.  Bomb Threat/Explosion
7.11 K.  Consumer Missing
7.12 l.  Nutrition and Food Safety
7.13 m.  Hazardous Materials
7.14 n.  Kidnapping
7.15 o.  Security
7.16 p.  Vehicle Accident
  7.17 q.  Consumer Walk Away  
7.18 r.  Utilities
7.19 s.  Medical Emergency
7.19a 1.  Medical Emergency Competency